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Synchronized Skating Club

British Columbia, Canada


Photo Credit: Rob McAuley


Pacific Ice Mission Statement

"Pacific Ice is Dedicated to encouraging, fostering, and developing the sport of synchronized skating amongst its members and the community at large. Our organization also endeavors to teach the ideals of sportsmanship and good citizenship, both competitively and recreationally"

The Pacific Ice synchronized skating Club is proud to be entering its 20th year. Starting with just one senior team in 1995, our club has grown into an organization of teams that are proud to represent Pacific Ice and its ideals of sportsmanship and athleticism. We have skaters of all ages that come from all over the Greater Vancouver area.

What is Synchronized Skating?

Synchronized skating is both a competitive and recreational sport that involves a team of 12-16 skaters taking to the ice to perform and compete routines together. Programs are skated to music and contains various formations such as circles, lines, blocks, and intersections. Skaters of all ages have the opportunity to compete, perform and develop a sense of team work. Besides being alot of fun, it is also a great form of exercise.


Contact us

General inquiries - communications@pacificice.org
President - president@pacificice.org

Pacific Ice Synchronized Skating Club
5962 Sperling ave.
PO BOX 59017
Burnaby BC V5E 0A3

Annual Christmas Gala Dec 6th